Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Nom v. 2.0!

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A good friend of mine, Art V., referred me to Michelle A., whose little boy is celebrating his first birthday next weekend! Here's the preliminary drawing for his cake, done in fondant, for 80 people!

Pretty cute huh? I'm excited to make the blocks, I think I'll dry some fondant for the sides and make the inside out of either cake ball filling or sliced cake.

      Well, the block didn't turn out as planned. The fondant I was working with was a weird batch, so the blocks melted right on my tabletop! I opted instead to do flats of the blocks for ease of transport (the Mommy and Daddy will be transporting the cake themselves) and still keep the aesthetic. The rest of the cake turned out almost exactly like the drawing, which I am super excited for! Hope you guys like it!

Halloween Noms!

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Spooky cake huh? This was a nice little 6" and 4" in grey marbled fondant and buttercream spiderwebs. The skull was bought at the 99 Cent Store, but looked perfect atop this spooky cake!