Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Toodles Om Nom

Posted by Ashley at 17:11 1 comments
With only a week to prepare and bake, I turned this little baby out for Dan and Bridget J.'s daughter Katheryn! They're all big fans of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and of course I couldn't resist! Here is the drawing, done in Adobe Illustrator (to scale!) with a little help from Mike B.

I think the best part o this cake is the custom logo on the bottom, done in the same style as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I did this by drawing it in Illustrator then printing it out. Then I laid it on top of the fondant and used pinpricks to trace it into the various colors and cut it out. The ending was this fabulous cake!

And let's not forget the almighty Smash Cake (free with all birthday orders if the birthday girl/boy is 5 years old or younger)