Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Real Girls Scouts... nom!

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I decided to whip up some Not-So-Thin-Mint cupcakes inspired by the famous Thin Mint Cookies available from your local Girl Scout. German Chocolate Cake infused with Mint with Mint Buttercream frosting, decorated with milk chocolate, Thin Mint crumbs, and a Thin Mint!

Monkeys Galore Nom nom nom...

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Babies! Everywhere!

This cake (and 24 cupcakes) was made for a new baby boy. Inspired by my very first cake, I included some animal crackers to add a more baby-friendly touch!

Baby Board Noms!

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This cake was for a baby shower held in the Los Angeles Public Library. This little rocker's (whose initials will read "RAD") parents requested a skateboard with flames and skulls. Unfortunately, a minor fender bender on the I-10 resulted in some cracked fondant and a discount for the receiving parties :(

Expendable Noms

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This cake was for a dear friend of mine, Christopher B. He was turning the big 5-0 and is a HUGE Star Trek fan. I researched the uniforms for the original series, and created this accurate Engineering uniform, complete with "Commander" ranking stripes on the side.