Monday, September 21, 2009

CAKE BALLS! (Put 'em in your mouth!)

Posted by Ashley at 19:42
With all these cakes, I was bound to screw up sooner or later. That's when I discovered Cake Balls, FailCakes, and Balls of Broken Dreams. I take my cake shavings or broken tiers, add icing, roll them into balls, then roll them in chocolate. Here are some of the results!

(Almost) Vegan Cake balls in Oreo cookie and white chocolate


Peanut Butter Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate


Patriotic Cake Balls! White cake with a cherry inside, covered in red white and blue chocolate and pop rocks!


Simple chocolate with red chocolate tops and heart sprinkles


Mickey Mouse cake ball!

1 comments on "CAKE BALLS! (Put 'em in your mouth!)"

Anonymous said...

OMG these things were good! skedulekat sez mor pweze. kthanxbi