Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Shower Cake!

Posted by Ashley at 11:51
Well, turns out no one could give me the cymbidium blooms I needed, so I hit up my local crafts store and got some silk flowers that actually turned out rather nice (and they're food-safe!). Again, buttercream was a challenge in the heat and humidity of my kitchen, but all in all it turned out rather nicely and the client was really happy with it. Silly me though, I forgot my phone AND my camera during delivery! Fortunately, Stephanie W. was nice enough to snap a shot on her phone and send it to me. 


I also added some pearl accents to the sides simply because I couldn't resist. This was a hard one only because my directions were "clean lines" and "Hydreanga green and purple". It was neat to see how it differs slightly from my original mockup though! Turns out stencilling is something I can only do on fondant. Boo. 

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