Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Noms Ring Again!

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Sorry about the length between posts, it's been a busy season at my day job and cakes sadly do not pay the bills.

Speaking of cakes, here she is!

This was a custom creation for Christina P. and her husband on their wedding day. They both met at Disneyland, so hence the toppers. The piping didn't turn out as nicely as I would have liked, but it was a rather hot day in March.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Real Girls Scouts... nom!

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I decided to whip up some Not-So-Thin-Mint cupcakes inspired by the famous Thin Mint Cookies available from your local Girl Scout. German Chocolate Cake infused with Mint with Mint Buttercream frosting, decorated with milk chocolate, Thin Mint crumbs, and a Thin Mint!

Monkeys Galore Nom nom nom...

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Babies! Everywhere!

This cake (and 24 cupcakes) was made for a new baby boy. Inspired by my very first cake, I included some animal crackers to add a more baby-friendly touch!

Baby Board Noms!

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This cake was for a baby shower held in the Los Angeles Public Library. This little rocker's (whose initials will read "RAD") parents requested a skateboard with flames and skulls. Unfortunately, a minor fender bender on the I-10 resulted in some cracked fondant and a discount for the receiving parties :(

Expendable Noms

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This cake was for a dear friend of mine, Christopher B. He was turning the big 5-0 and is a HUGE Star Trek fan. I researched the uniforms for the original series, and created this accurate Engineering uniform, complete with "Commander" ranking stripes on the side.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Toodles Om Nom

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With only a week to prepare and bake, I turned this little baby out for Dan and Bridget J.'s daughter Katheryn! They're all big fans of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and of course I couldn't resist! Here is the drawing, done in Adobe Illustrator (to scale!) with a little help from Mike B.

I think the best part o this cake is the custom logo on the bottom, done in the same style as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I did this by drawing it in Illustrator then printing it out. Then I laid it on top of the fondant and used pinpricks to trace it into the various colors and cut it out. The ending was this fabulous cake!

And let's not forget the almighty Smash Cake (free with all birthday orders if the birthday girl/boy is 5 years old or younger)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Nom v. 2.0!

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A good friend of mine, Art V., referred me to Michelle A., whose little boy is celebrating his first birthday next weekend! Here's the preliminary drawing for his cake, done in fondant, for 80 people!

Pretty cute huh? I'm excited to make the blocks, I think I'll dry some fondant for the sides and make the inside out of either cake ball filling or sliced cake.

      Well, the block didn't turn out as planned. The fondant I was working with was a weird batch, so the blocks melted right on my tabletop! I opted instead to do flats of the blocks for ease of transport (the Mommy and Daddy will be transporting the cake themselves) and still keep the aesthetic. The rest of the cake turned out almost exactly like the drawing, which I am super excited for! Hope you guys like it!

Halloween Noms!

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Spooky cake huh? This was a nice little 6" and 4" in grey marbled fondant and buttercream spiderwebs. The skull was bought at the 99 Cent Store, but looked perfect atop this spooky cake!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Shower Cake!

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Well, turns out no one could give me the cymbidium blooms I needed, so I hit up my local crafts store and got some silk flowers that actually turned out rather nice (and they're food-safe!). Again, buttercream was a challenge in the heat and humidity of my kitchen, but all in all it turned out rather nicely and the client was really happy with it. Silly me though, I forgot my phone AND my camera during delivery! Fortunately, Stephanie W. was nice enough to snap a shot on her phone and send it to me. 


I also added some pearl accents to the sides simply because I couldn't resist. This was a hard one only because my directions were "clean lines" and "Hydreanga green and purple". It was neat to see how it differs slightly from my original mockup though! Turns out stencilling is something I can only do on fondant. Boo. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Om Nom Shower Part Deux!

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I recieved a new cake order from the lovely Stephanie W. Her sister is getting married and the shower is this Saturday! We managed to get a quick phone consultation in, and here's the mockup for the new cake:
With any luck, one of the florists around my house will be willing to sell me some loose blooms to finish it off. It's also done entirely in buttercream, which will be a challenge given the warm weather and the stenciling I want to do on it. We'll see how this one turns out...